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Iterated across a number of shows, Mythiccbeing ("my thick being") centers around the character Mythiccbeing, a black, upwardly mobile, violent, solipsistic, sociopathic, gender neutral femme. Mythiccbeing is a personified threat model. Like all models, Mythiccbeing travels a lot, has a strict diet, and is obsessed with their image. Mythiccbeing has two sides: a conscious ego and a shadow self.

Mythiccbeing centers around an interactive video installation in which video monitors appear against the backdrop of or alongside a photographic wallpaper. On the screens we encounter the protagonist Mythiccbeing either as the conscious ego, embodying the postures of his Los Angeles life, or the shadow self, a digital avatar of the artist herself. Through SMS conversation with a chatbot programmed by the artist, gallery viewers can control the appearance of animation, image, and text across the monitors, engaging in live-editing the narrative of Shame Space. Viewers can engage in text conversations with Mythiccbeing on their phone. She'll respond, unless you tell her not to.

Grand Calme, 2019 Installation View at Sadie Cole's

Installation View at the 12th Gwangju Bienniale Exhibition

Big Surprise, 2018 Installation View at Bridget Donahue

Interview at ICA VCU

Clip, Mythiccbeing, 2018

Clip, Mythiccbeing, 2018