Intro to Threat Modeling

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Martine Syms explores pervasive archetypes and depictions of Black experience in America, often intervening directly in the ubiquitous platforms we use for communication and identity protection. In the installation presented at the 2019 Whitney Biennial, the central monitor plays Syms’ Intro to Threat Modeling on loop. Narrated through email exchanges, screen grabs, and an avatar, the artist outlines “threat modeling” — a process of identifying risks to determine the most likely threat to one’s own security. People Who Aren’t Friends of Lovers or Exes is painted on the wall and hung with 35mm photographs — each a distinct work — blown up to the size of standard movie posters, placing seemingly intimate images in the public sphere. Moving between art world, the internet, and interior dialogue, Syms questions the notion of “safe spaces” and vulnerability in our increasingly technological world.

Intro to Threat Modeling Clip, 2017